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Growing is an opportunity for children to share their experiences in the most unique way possible.

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Leave your child to the experts in childcare. Let S.E.E.D. Super Exceptional Excellence Development Center LLC take care of your precious little one! We provide exceptional childcare services to preschoolers and school-aged children in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Kids in this age group interact through play. They construct knowledge through exploration and observation, as well as reflection and implementation of their daily plan. Theme-based curriculum is ideal for this age group.

All of our Key Developmental Indicators, the group of concepts to be taught, child-centered lesson plans are based on the needs of your kids. For our small and large group activities, we follow a daily schedule that will allow them to play within the structure of time.


This Program for our school-agers put an emphasis on safety, bully prevention, homework and academic assistance. Learning in an environment where there an opportunity for recreational activities while expanding on math, science, literacy skills, and the world around us. Our staff is always available for social support.

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