S.E.E.D. Super Exceptional Excellence Development Center LLC

Growing is an opportunity for children to share their experiences in the most unique way possible.

Give Your Kids a Jump-Start on School

A Place Where Playing and Learning Become One

Your infant’s lifelong love for learning begins here at S.E.E.D. In our infant program, our caring, supportive teachers will foster your kids’ social-emotional development through nurturing relationships. Meanwhile in our nursery program, your little ones will develop physical skills such as moving and manipulating toys. Rest assured that your baby’s safety and security is our highest priority.

Children are exploring their environment and discovering the world around them, establishing a strong foundation for learning. In this program, our infants are provided with:

  • Safe, Nurturing environment
  • Stimulating, educational learning toys
  • Growth and Development
  • Rapid learning experiences

As your children begin to learn the environment around them walking and talking regularly, their curiosity grows. Our program allows your toddler the independence they desire. This classroom inhabits learning through play, small puzzles, fine motor skills, using utensils for music, and movement.

Safety is key and just as important with our toddlers so we take safety precautions. Proper toddler-to-teacher ratios are consistently maintained. All of our toys are also sanitized and age-appropriate. Furthermore, we ensure that hand washing and diapering are performed to maintain the cleanliness in our facility. 

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